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Township Assessor

Katie VanEenenaam Carpenter
(906) 484-2833 |

Assessors work for Cities, Township’s, Counties and their primary duty is to help establish the assessments of properties for tax purposes.

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Township Assessor: Welcome
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BSA Parcel Search

Click link Above to access the BS&A Parcel Search. The link will take you to the BS&A site for Marquette Township, Mackinac County, Michgan.

Michigan law requires the Assessor to annually value all taxable property at 50% of market value. Taxable properties include farms, homes, factories, commercial properties, and vacant land. It also includes personal property for commercial and industrial businesses.
The Assessor also keeps records on ownership, addresses, homestead exemptions, sales, and land and building details for hundreds of properties located within the township.
The township, schools, county, library, community college, and state use the annual values to generate revenue. This is in the form of property taxes. It is the fairest way available to them for collecting the money they need to finance their services.

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