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Marquette Township, Mackinac County, Michigan

Marquette Township, located in Mackinac County, was first settled in the 1880s. Most of the Township is very rural except the northeast corner which is part of the unincorporated town of Pickford. There is about 136 square miles of total land area in the Township, out of which 92 square miles is forested. An area of about 45 square miles is under public ownership, 42 square miles of private smaller holdings and 20 square miles are under corporation. Ten percent of Marquette County’s acreage is used agriculturally.
With state forest, national forest, and private forest lands, there are plenty of wild areas to explore in Marquette Township. The Township includes 18 miles of snowmobile trails and plenty of great fishing spots, including Nuns Creek, Pine River, and Munuscong River.

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